Sew Much Love Fabric Mask - Mi

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Sew Much Love is a collaboration with Aunty Kim Hua, a cheery lady whom we got to know through Smoocht x Bold, our space in Jurong East Yuhua. In her younger days she was a patternmaker at a locally founded boutique now turned international label. Now semi-retired, Aunty Kim Hua occasionally holds sewing lessons to impart her skills to the next generation of curious crafters.


The fabric mask is made of three layers:
1. Outward-facing pattern cotton polyester
2. Sandwiched Non-woven layer
3. Inward-facing cotton polyester

Wash before first use.


Masks should be washed after each use. Handwash. Wet the mask and rub vigorously with soap so you have a lather. You may soak the mask in warm water (60˚C) and soap for 30 minutes before rinsing out. Hang out to dry on a sunny day. Do not hang by the elastic loops!